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Bondwine is a small startup publisher, founded in June, 2012, to handle ebooks, print-on-demand paperbacks, and rights licensing for the works of Tom Simon. We are not planning to publish works by other authors at this time.

The name ‘Bondwine’ is taken from Tom Simon’s fantasy series The Eye of the Maker, in which it refers to a magic elixir that the hero brought back (quite accidentally) from the realm of the Old Gods. If you drink bondwine and share it with others, but only then, it has the power to bring out the best of your true self — to make you more like what you really are. We registered the name bondwine.com at a time when there seemed to be no particular hope that The Eye of the Maker would ever be published. Perhaps that makes it doubly appropriate to use the name now.

Sarah Dimento

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Sarah Dimento has been known to produce webcomics, short stories, game mods, mockumentaries, jewellery, and of course, cover art and jacket designs for Bondwine Books. When not immersed in any of these projects, she tends her two cats, and until recently, defiantly smoked a pipe.

Robin Eytchison

Bondwine’s chief developmental and copy editor, Robin Eytchison, likes to be described as ‘an international man, woman, or mythological beast of mystery’. It is because of Robin’s eagle or basilisk eye that errours liek these never goes uncorrected. Fortunately, Robin is equipped with a pair of functioning human eyes as well.

H. Smiggy McStudge

The McStudges run a prestigious, but not lucrative, family business as critics, sneerers, destroyers of the arts, and perverters of culture. According to their own family records (which are not at all to be trusted), they have been at this trade since before the dawn of recorded human history. That they have records going so far back, they attribute to the fact that they are not actually human.

The name ‘Smiggy’ was previously used as part of the nickname ‘Smiggy McGlural’, which Mark Twain, according to his Autobiography, fastened upon his hapless reportorial assistant during his stint as a reporter for one of the San Francisco newspapers in the 1860s. (He was subsequently fired, and Smiggy McGlural promoted to full reporter.) Our Mr. McStudge assures us that Mark Twain derived the name from him and not vice versa. The H, we are unreliably informed, may possibly stand for Hellspawn.

Tom Simon

Tom Simon has been writing fantasy for many years, but it was only in 2012, with Lord Talon’s Revenge, that he began publishing this work. Like most writers, he has had a wide range of peculiar jobs, from sysop of a dialup chat board (before the commercial Internet) to assistant in a Member of Parliament’s constituency office. One of his MP’s constituents was an ardent advocate for the population of elves who lived (so he said) in a patch of wild ground in the midst of the city. Mr. Simon regrets that he was never personally involved in dealing with elf issues. However, he has met the usual assortment of witches, wizards, and one creature who styled himself Archdruid of Canada.

A Canadian by birth, Mr. Simon lives in Calgary, but part of his heart will always remain among the mountains of British Columbia.

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