A week after the second eye surgery, my distance vision is 20/20 in both eyes, intraocular pressure back to normal, and the incisions are healing as they should. I have also been fiddling about with reading glasses, and have found that a much weaker pair is better for work at a computer screen. The silly optician I consulted said I should move the screen closer to my eyes, but you can’t do that on a laptop without also shortening your arms: a surgery I cannot afford and most definitely do not want.

This should be the last post about my eyes before I start tackling my backlog.


  1. Mary Catelli says

    Hurrah! Let hymns of thanksgiving arise!

  2. suburbanbanshee says

    Hallelujah chorus!

  3. Sarah Hoyt says


    • I’m glad to see you here, Ma’am. As you’ll know if you’ve read much of the stuff here, ‘Build over, build around’ is pretty much what I’m about, too. Some of your recent posts have sparked notions in my brain, which I hope I may be able to share soon.

  4. I’m so glad to see that your surgeries and recovery went well!

  5. Laus Deo. That’s wonderful news!

  6. Would a bigger screen help? For the cost of an hdmi cable and a bluetooth keyboard/mouse (and AA or AAA batteries) for the laptop, you can make your tv the computer screen. Got to be cheaper and less painful than arm-shortening surgery. 🙂

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