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The failure of subversion in imaginative literature

‘Do you believe in God, Winston?’


‘Then what is it, this principle that will defeat us?’

‘I don’t know. The spirit of Man.’

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Hentun and the Storm Bear

This is a fragment of a long ballad of the Falo’i Rogon. In The Eye of the Maker, Azakai, the Rogon war leader, sings it to his people as part of their Yule celebration. But he is mortally ill from fighting against demonic possession, and partway through, his strength fails him. 

In the land of Winter’s heroes,
where the great white Storm Bear wanders,
driving drakes with tooth and talon
   from the place of endless snows,
Where the snow falls like the white hair
on the ruff of Khail, the ghost-wolf,
there the Storm Bear roars and hungers,
   and he ravens as he goes. [Read more…]