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G. K. C. on the laws of Elfland

The more I think about this passage, the more I am convinced that it expresses a fundamental and necessary principle of Fantasy; indeed, it may contain the key to the whole art: [Read more…]

The publisher’s tale

‘I would have liked to know my great-great-great-great-great-uncle Cholmondeley Witherhead,’ the Publisher told me sadly. ‘He used to work as a gatekeeper on London Wall, two or three hundred years ago. Terribly upset he was, when he heard they were going to knock it down; and not just because it put him out of a job. It was a whole way of life that he mourned, and what he feared was nothing less than the end of civilization.

‘ “By my good faith, Sir,” said Uncle Cholmondeley, “I and my Brethren at the Gates are true Servants of the Publick, and London will be the worse without us. How will any one get in or out of the City, if there be no Gatekeepers to let them pass?”

‘And you know,’ the Publisher added in a tone of sad reflection, ‘I have never figured out how those Londoners ever managed without him.’

Magic Dragon plc

For the director of music. 12-bar blues.

I’m sure you know already, for you must have heard the tale,
of a certain Magic Dragon and his coat of shining scales;
how little Jackie Paper came to play with him no more.
But Puff would soon recover once he found a brand-new roar.
Now he’s traded on the Stock Exchange, a limited company,
and he’s listed on the Board as Magic Dragon plc. [Read more…]

Robert E. Howard on realism

Nobody writes realistic realism, and if they did, no one would read it. The writers that think they write it just give their own ideas about things they think they see. The sort of man who could write realism is the fellow who never reads or writes anything.

— Robert E. Howard

Scott Meyer: ‘How to Resurrect a Dead Character’

No sooner had I posted my link to Scott Meyer’s ‘How to Kill Off a Fictional Character’ than Meyer came up with the inevitable sequel:

Rodney lives!

Scott Meyer: ‘How to Kill Off a Fictional Character’

From the wise and frequently inimitable Scott Meyer of Basic Instructions:

Go thou, and do likewise.