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Tom Weller on Books

Books are like a magic arrow, an arrow by which poetry, literature, auto repair, indeed, all of cvltvre may soar from the minds of the artists and thinkers who created them swiftly to their final target – the remainder bin.

With books, we can travel in outer space, talk to Shakespeare, conquer the world, prop open doors and windows.

In them we can gaze on the faces, and wonder at the thoughts, of people from the remotest times, like in your high school yearbook. Through them, inhabitants of one part of the globe can understand the feelings and customs of those of another far distant, usually resulting in war. Indeed, it is just conceivable that through the unifying power of literature all peoples may yet come to live together as brothers and sisters: in continuous, squalling enmity.

—Tom Weller, Cvltvre Made Stvpid