Told by an idiot, No. 2

The true artist must always suffer for his art. If you don’t suffer for your art, you won’t know how to make other people suffer for it when it’s their turn.

As Robert Frost nearly said, ‘No cries of agony in the writer, no cries of agony in the reader.’

   H. Smiggy McStudge


  1. One of the best ways to do it is with infodumping tedious research on them.

    • An even better way is to write so that the reader has to do all the same tedious research over again to understand what the hell the story is about. This is known among the elite of the Inner Dojo as ‘the Ulysses method’.

      • To be sure, that takes large amounts of willful obscurity so the reader not only doesn’t get what you are after, but realizes it.

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