Archives for 25 July 2014

Tip jar

Following a suggestion made earlier by several people, I have installed a ‘donate’ widget in the sidebar at right. Through the good offices of Wendy S. Delmater, my friend and boss at Abyss & Apex, the widget has been tested, and I can confirm that money dropped into the tip jar will reach me at the other end.

Any donations will be gratefully received. I hope to be able to send a personal acknowledgement to every donor, but if this is not possible, let me thank you in advance. And thanks also to my 3.6 Loyal Readers for sticking with my humble blog, and reading my books. You have been a lifeline to me through trying times.

Another letter

More rubbish about my personal affairs, reproduced here so that in days to come, when I want to look back and figure out Why What  Did That, I shall have a better idea of the chronology. —T. S.

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