Archives for 17 November 2014

Breaking blog silence

Maypo, one of the 3.6 Loyal Readers, expresses concern, for which I am thankful to him and to God:

I hope that your recent blog silence is due to a focus on writing that pays the bills rather than (my fear) another setback in health. I pray for the former.

Unfortunately, I have been under the weather in a rather literal way. We have had about a week of temperatures below zero Fahrenheit, and the decrepit building I live in has wonky heating and no insulation to speak of. I had a cold when the weather turned bad, and have been fighting in these circumstances to keep it from becoming bronchitis.

On top of that, the good and gifted Wendy S. Delmater, my principal alpha reader, has had bronchitis at the exact same time, and has been entirely unable to help me get my scattered ducks into the same yard, never mind in a row. So the first half of November, for me, has been about as unproductive as it possibly could have been. I am very sorry.