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Just to let the Loyal 3.6 know—

I have recently been ill, with some combination of allergies, sinusitis, and cabin fever. This all got me down sufficiently to make my depression kick in at full strength; so that yesterday it actually hurt to breathe. I was having cramps in my diaphragm and actually had to lie down and consciously concentrate in order to take one breath after another. My depression has manifested itself in this way before, but yesterday’s bout was uncommonly severe.

I do feel substantially better today, and may try to do some writing once I have found myself some food. (The larder is a bit bare at the moment, because I have not been well enough to do any shopping. Before anyone asks, yes, I have enough money to do the shopping; it is health and energy that have been wanting.)


  1. That sounds nasty. I’m glad you are feeling better. Do you have food deliveries in the US? I order groceries on the internet from Ocado, and it’s brilliant – no more trekking round the supermarket and lugging stuff home.

    (I think I must be the Loyal 0.6.)

  2. Glad you’re feeling better enough to write. I’m in a bit of the same boat – 28 days and counting of coughing doesn’t help much with energy. Sorry you have to deal with bad depression, too – makes it considerably harder.

    I can’t think of anything particularly cheery to say, but that might not have helped, anyway. Just keep plugging away – it is at least better than NOT being able to write. Hope it continues.


  3. Thank you for the update.

  4. James R. Asher says

    Sounds pretty grim. It seems to be the time of year for misery, half the people I know have health problems round about now, though you have it worse than most. Good luck with the writing, and I hope you recover swiftly.

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