Weather report

(Hat tip to Wendy S. Delmater.)

It's Alberta. Don't they know about second winter?


There are, of course, three kinds of weather in Alberta: Snowing, No Longer Snowing, and Not Snowing Yet. At the moment, we are in transition from No Longer to Not Yet.


  1. It had just gotten to the point where you could drive out of the parking lot at work without taking your life in your hands — and then, on the first day of spring, it snowed!

  2. Suburbanbanshee says

    Today, 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In a few days, it’s supposed to go down to -19.

    Boy, I’m glad I didn’t take the bubblewrap off the windows.

  3. In Texas the seasons are Hot, Hotter, Still hot, and Cool

  4. We got a snow warning the week after Easter.

    Seattle isn’t supposed to get snow in the spring….

  5. Carbonel says

    We have raining a lot, mostly raining, about to rain, and briefly sunny.

    Just the way I like it.


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