From the pen of Sarah Dimento

First, cover art for my next collection of essais, Style is the Rocket:

Featuring the title piece and a Bunch of Other Cool Stuff.

Style is the Rocket


Second, Aristotle’s Ethics brought within the reach of the Modern Dude:

Ethics for Dudebros: The Golden Mean

The Golden Mean is our scale for being a Chillbro. It means if you go too far with something, you’re being an Asshole, whereas if you’re not doing enough, you’re being a Douche. Being a Chillbro means sitting comfortably between the two extremes. According to Stotes (Stotes is what I call my main man, Aristotle), there’s 12 ways you can be awesome (Virtues), but 24 ways you can fuck it up (Vices), so there’s two Vices to Each Virtue.

Like, check it out, dude.


  1. Love the cover!

  2. Cool!

  3. As a collector, and daily fountain pen driver, I love this cover!

  4. Do we have an ETA on the collection? Given “Writing Down the Dragon” is my favorite book of literary criticism since LeGuin’s “Drawing Down the Dark” I’m a tad bit impatient.

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