How to handle exposition

And now, as a service to the writing public, a quick lesson from Scott Meyer:

How to Handle Exposition
from Basic Instructions


  1. In case you’re wondering: I have temporarily declared my skillset for writing complete, and I am not reading any posts about ‘how to write,’ period.

    My eyes glaze over – I’m not in a place where I want to change how I write – that ship has sailed!

    It’s not that they aren’t lovely – but until I’m back in the saddle because Pride’s Children is on Amazon and I’m back in writing mode, and maybe not even then – I am just not your intended audience, by choice, right now. Whether or not I NEED to learn stuff. May or may not be a permanent ban.

  2. Expositing is always fun. Recently had to pare down a story’s opening, and was a third of the way through the story before I found a way to slither in a piece of knowledge I had had to omit. . .

  3. Carbonel says

    Hah. I had forgotten about that webcomic. Re-bookmarked for the future, thanks.

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