By the way, a disturbing development: Today is my Getting Older Day. For my trouble, I got the free birthday breakfast at Denny’s (at 4 p.m.), and wrought away on the post for Mrs. Wright, so that now I have a lot more of it than I can use. Tomorrow I shall have to trim it gently with an axe.

How much older, you ask? I admit to Eleventy-Six; but that is a ruse to make people pet me and flatter me, and tell me that I don’t look a day over Eleventy.


  1. Happy birthday! Sorry I almost forgot. I know you’ve forgiven me in the past because I can’t even remember my own birthday (not that I don’t know the date, but because I hardly ever note what day it is). I really need to start writing them down, and then set a reminder, and then set the reminder to blast my face with an airhorn and confetti, because otherwise they all pass me by.

  2. Your picture on Amazon Central does NOT look eleventy.

    So Happy whatever Birthday it really is – and many more.

    • Ah, but my picture on Amazon Central was taken years and years ago, in the Upper Cretaceous. So there!

      (And thanks!)

      • Matt Osterndorf says

        Happy birthday. Are you still rocking the quasi-mullet from that picture?

        • Matt Osterndorf says

          Ahem. Belated birthday, as it happens.

        • Matt Osterndorf says

          This was a silly comment and I ought to be more careful posting on sites without a delete function. Oh well.

        • Occasionally. It’s not so much a quasi-mullet, as the ‘too cheap to get a haircut more than twice a year’ look. At present, my hair is quite short, but I shall be downright shaggy before the winter ends.

  3. Many happy returns!

  4. Many happy returns of the day!

  5. Bob McMaster says

    Happy Birthday! I have been Away and apologize for being tardy in adding my good wishes.

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