A slight change of plans: Since The Worm of the Ages and Other Tails is ready for release now, and Style is the Rocket isn’t quite yet, we have chosen to publish Worm immediately.

Click here to buy the ebook of The Worm of the Ages and Other Tails!

The Worm of the Ages is the first short story collection by Yr. Obt. Svt., Tom Simon. It contains five stories which have previously appeared on this blog—

The Worm of the Ages
Droll’s audition
Magic’s pawnshop
A case of vengeance

And as a bonus, a new story, ‘The wrongs of the matter’, never before published in any medium. Buy yours today! Be the envy of your friends and the puzzlement of your neighbours!

For the time being, Worm will be sold only through Amazon. That means you can borrow it through Kindle Unlimited, which I heartily recommend you do if you are a subscriber. I get paid either way. You can acquire it for the trivial price of $2.99 in U.S. greenbacks, or an equivalent amount in the dosh of your own country. Available wherever Amazon sells books.


  1. Gleefully purchased!

  2. Just grabbed my copy! 😀

  3. Andrew Brew says


  4. Bought, read, and reviewed. Excellent work.

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