Testing, testing (Comments please?)

Since the last so-called upgrade to WordPress, I can no longer view my site statistics. I have no way of knowing whether anybody is actually looking at this blog anymore or not. GoDaddy gave instructions on how to fix the problem; they didn’t work.

If anyone reads this, would you be so kind as to leave a comment? I need to know if my 3.6 Loyal Readers are still there, and I have no other way of telling.

Thank you.


UPDATE, 23 February: Now I’m in touch with the support people for the Jetpack plugin, which is causing all the trouble. I finally managed to upgrade and reinstall it… and it started putting code barf all over the pages containing individual posts. So I disabled it again, and I’m back to square one (but on the New and Improved™ upgraded board). No stats again.

My sincerest thanks to all who posted comments. It’s good to know that you’re all still out there and haven’t forgotten me. All alone in the silence, I was feeling pretty low.


  1. Here, Sir!

  2. Not only can I see the post, there are multiple copies of it on the page.

  3. Eric Schmidt says

    Am here.

  4. Reader .6 says

    Heil Spode!

  5. L Jagi Lamplighter says

    I am here!

    By the way, I don’t think I got to mention that I Signal Boosted one of your books on SuperversiveSF on Monday. I’ve been planning to do one a week until I’ve done them all.


  6. Here and accounted for.

  7. comment

  8. Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. Today, I happen to be here. Tomorrow I may not, but I am always drawn back sooner or later.

  9. Reader n + 1 says

    I look in regularly!

  10. David Hallquist says

    Still watching your site, Tom. When you have an insight its deep and thoughtful. I may not always agree, but your site always makes me think. Thanks for keeping it going.

  11. I’m still here.

  12. Present and accounted for!

  13. Adsum!

  14. Ich bin hier, ja.

  15. I do check this blog frequently. So, still here.

  16. Scholar-at-Arms says

    Still reading!

  17. TheConductor says

    Regular reader – still here!

  18. Brat Farrar says

    I get your posts through an RSS feeder now, so the prompt to comment isn’t there–but I’m reading more reliably, so a bit of a tradeoff.

    But please do keep writing and posting! You’re one of my favorite contemporary writers–part of a very short list.

  19. ‘All alone in the silence, I was feeling pretty low’

    As the Provost of Oriel said to Newman: nunquam minus solus quam cum solus.

  20. I visit less often now that it’s a blog about cat pictures, but I still look in from time to time.

    • It isn’t actually about cat pictures; just that I picked up two cats at a time when health issues were preventing me from writing much. Your regularly scheduled programming will return shortly.

      For instance, on those days when I am able to work, I have been finishing up the new essay collection and hope to announce its release very soon.

  21. I check every morning in hopes of new golden words from your silver keyboard.

  22. A belated still reading your website albeit very sporadically (like all my other favourites) as I’ve been laid low with the ‘flu. It’s excessively boring.

  23. I see any new posts when I check the WordPress Reader, and scroll through, the way I do a number of bloggers. Why? Dunno. History.

    I like to read your posts.


  24. Test post.

  25. tardy, but present!

  26. Mark Harbinger says

    Dormammu! I come to comment…

  27. Stephen K says

    Here and still reading.

  28. Andrew Brew says

    I haven’t been (sorry), but am now. Reporting for reading duty, sir!

  29. Ceecee says


    I’m new to your blog, currently reading through from the beginning, and enjoying a magnificent banquet of food for thought. I’ll be staying with you as long as there are new posts to be read–and thank you for providing!

  30. Late (as usual, as I feel no need to be in a hurry to read timeless wisdom), but here.

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