Happiness and cows

Yesterday, the Beloved Other and I went up to Banff for the day. We swam in the hot springs, had a picnic lunch at Lake Minnewanka, and on the way home, we stopped at Mackay’s ice cream parlour in Cochrane, which I heartily recommend to anyone. Their ice cream is as sound as their business philosophy, as expressed by this sign on their premises.

Incidentally, I had a scoop of Black Forest and a scoop of chocolate fudge chunk, and the Beloved had a scoop of maple walnut and a scoop of white chocolate raspberry something-or-other, all made by Mackay’s and all excellent.


  1. Sounds cool!

  2. Bliss!

  3. Our blogging spheres seem to overlap more and more intermittently these days, so at some point there was a transition to the existence of the Beloved Other from not, which I missed.

    Now, in principle, of course, it is none of my darn business.

    However, you have publicly posted your emotional woes more than once (which seem to open the door to this sort of observation). And I admire your writing enormously, and as a result there exists a penumbra of admiration that attaches to your person. The which is admittedly irrational towards a man I do not know from Adam’s off ox.

    All of which is to say , I am nonetheless truly delighted for the two of you. Godspeed

  4. May the future bring you lots of happiness, ice cream, money and… cows?

  5. Andrew Parrish says

    Mr. Simon, I haven’t stopped by in a good while but would like to mingle my voice with the others congratulating you on a (presumably) favorable shift in the wind. God knows you have served your time. Also I wish to congratulate you on what I see is the official release of Angel Keep part one. Keep at it.

    For my own part, I’m beginning to think I’d be happy as soon as I had the cow, and would receive the milk and ice cream as superabundances of joy.

  6. Wendy S. Delmater says

    This does sound like a lovely time. Best to you both.


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