Thanks for the therms!

On behalf of all the Frozen North, I would like to thank my 3.6 Loyal Readers most humbly for their generous outpouring of heat. Degrees have been arriving from as far away as Australia.

The street that looked like this yesterday—

Beautiful spring in sunny Alberta

—looks like this today—

100% natural organic degrees added!

—and lo, there is great rejoicing. Today we can see the solar disc trying very hard to shine through the thinning clouds, and for a while this afternoon the sky was actually blue! And the snow and ice, which were so treacherous only this morning that my car went into no less than three skids en route to take the Beloved Other to school at Wreck Tech, are finally giving up and turning into glorious, glorious mud.

Thanks to all, and if you have more degrees to send, I am told they need some in Chicago.


  1. Calgary today, tomorrow the world!

  2. Yesterday I scraped frost off my car.

    Today it was 70 degrees and I had to make sure to water my new planted plants.

  3. Carlos Carrasco says

    Global Warming on demand!

  4. Oh no, snow on the 16th of April is totally predictable for Chicago.

    Mostly because the only prediction you can make about our weather is that you can’t predict it.

    Global warming! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… ha… ha… *sob*

  5. L Jagi Lamplighter (Wright) says

    This is excellent news. I am so glad a few degrees have made it up your way!

    (The Second Winter picture really made me laugh. Soooo funny.)

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