I have been driving Impendices three abreast, and working in a desultory way at other things (and wasting a good deal of time on Plants Vs. Zombies), and have yet to finish any of the promised work for September. CreateSpace is shutting down and being replaced by the Kindle print-on-demand service, and that requires my attention; and other matters are becoming urgent.

For one, I am getting married. The Beloved Other and I (after a rocky period in which it was not certain we would work out together) are definitely tying the knot on the sixth of October. Preparations for this have been taking a great deal of my spare attention (and nearly all of hers), and therefore I cry you mercy for my slowness at other tasks. Pray for us, or else wish us well, according to your customs and those of your fathers.


  1. Congratulations!!

  2. Eric Schmidt says


  3. Congratulations!

  4. May you and your Beloved Other live long and love together. Of course you’re forgiven; some things are much more important than others!

  5. !!!

    I am glad prayers have borne fruit.

  6. I wish you both much joy together!

  7. Mary Catelli says

    O frabjous day!

  8. Only just saw this: God bless and keep the two of you.

  9. Congratulations!

  10. Stephen J. says

    In the words of Captain John Sheridan of Earth Alliance Station Babylon 5, “Whoo hoo!” God bless ye both!

  11. Suburbanbanshee says


  12. Wendy S. Delmater says

    One hopes the ceremony and all attendant things went well. Godspeed.

  13. Andrew Brew says

    That is fantastic news, Tom! I haven’t been by here for a bit – just saw your passing reference to a honeymoon on at JCW’s, and now you are married a week already.

    Congratulations and God’s blessings to you both.

  14. Oh my goodness gracious– YAY!

    I, too, don’t come around here very often (the horde is now six kids, and while they’re all healthy, the latest took a bit more hospital time than most) and thus can only congratulate you AFTER the big day! Huzzah!

  15. Very belated congratulations!

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