An experiment in widgets

I have just installed the Buy This Book plugin for WordPress, by Claire Ryan. I became aware of Ms. Ryan’s work when she followed me on tsū. (She has another plugin for newsletters, which I may try next if this one works well.)

You will notice, therefore, a new bit in the sidebar: ‘Books by Tom Simon.’ Click on a book cover, and you should get icons with links to Amazon and/or Smashwords, depending on where the title in question is offered. Click on the icon, and it should take you straight to the product page at the retailer. I would be much obliged if any of my 3.6 Loyal Readers would try this for themselves and make sure that it works. (You don’t have to buy the books, especially if you already own copies. I know that part works.)

In other news, tsū informs me that I have now earned, as my share of their advertising revenue, the glorious sum of (drumroll, please) ONE CENT!

At this rate, I shall earn $100 and be eligible to receive a cheque from them in just about 100 years. Of course, it is highly probable that my rate of earnings will alter somewhat in the meantime.