Progress report

Since inquiries have come from several of the 3.6 Loyal Readers, I answer at large:—

Tonight I finished compiling and formatting the essais that will go into the Superversive collection, and to my surprise, they seem to hang together pretty well, and add up to a sustained and forcible polemic. I still need to go through the drudgery of compiling the bibliography and endnotes (always the worst part of the job), and to write a valedictory piece, ‘Recovering the Tao of Story’. Then I have got to talk Sarah Dimento into doing a cover. I expect to have the new book out in July.

I have also, at long last, come within a few chapters of completing the first episode of Where Angels Die. I am reasonably pleased with the work so far. My original plan was to make the episodes about 60 manuscript pages apiece; that is, roughly as long as the screenplay for a one-hour television drama. But the first episode has a lot more work to do, introducing the main characters and setting up the central conflict; so it will be double that length. This is not without precedent; quite a lot of TV series have premiered as made-for-TV feature films, which were then cut up into two episodes for syndication.

I have sketched out the next three episodes, tentatively entitled ‘The Little Charter’, ‘The Bad Enough Brigade’, and ‘Luck’s Travelling Temple’. I should like to release all of them at once, and get some of the ‘Liliana Nirvana’ effect I referred to earlier. We shall see if this has a salutary effect on sales.

Meanwhile, I am formatting several paperback books for Wendy S. Delmater, and editing a translation of a stage play by Bruno Moreno Ramos. I am open for more commissions of both these kinds, at the right price.

Once all these things are taken care of, I intend to get back to work on the Magnificent Octopus. It is still my firm intention to get The Grey Death out for an autumn release; though at present it looks as if it may be later rather than earlier in that season.


  1. Maypo says:

    Very encouraging news that you have been healthy and have energy enough to work on so many things – but just in case I will keep you on the prayer list. I am eagerly looking forward to the release, in any form, of Where Angels Die and the new collection.

  2. We compose our souls in patience.

  3. Stephen K says:

    Great news.

  4. Dear enraged and impatient Simon fans,

    I understand your concern, but Mr. Simon has assured me his editing chores don’t interfere with his writing.

    Please, do not send any more ninja assassins.

    Yours sincerely.

  5. “Tonight I finished compiling and formatting the essais that will go into the Superversive collection…”

    I can’t wait to read this!

  6. E. Crook says:

    I am especially looking forward to the Superversive collection — and I must say that I plan to give out ‘Death Carries a Camcorder’ to several friends for Christmas gifts; I think they would be amused and enlightened by the essais contained therein. I just got myself a copy and have been going through it slowly and savoring every well-turned phrase as well as taking note of what to avoid in my own writing.

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