Just so we know where we stand—

—Larry Correia presents The Official Alphabetical List of Author Success.

For what it may be worth, I seem to be an S-list writer in the process of moving onto the N-list.

Smiggy McStudge is a rising young Q.

If I ever collect the whole alphabet, I shall let you all know, because then I shall be able to take my 3.6 Loyal Readers out to lunch.


  1. May the process be quick!

  2. Some folks measure people’s worth by weighing their wallets. I appreciate it when they mention this in public; I consider it a handy warning.

    • Bear in mind that this was Mr. Correia’s response to a critic who tried to dismiss him as a ‘D-list’ author, and he wrote the whole thing with his forked tongue planted firmly in both cheeks.

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