And now, a message from our Tech Dept.

As my 3.6 Loyal Readers will note, I have recently installed a Tip Jar on this website (see at right), and am beginning work on setting up an automated mailing list. For those of you who may wish to do similar tasks on your own WordPress installations, here is a simple training video that tells you nearly everything you need to know about how these tasks are done.

This technology was originally developed by Chrysler for use in the electronic diagnosis and denoberation of transmission misaccelerance, but has recently found a whole new range of uses in the emulation of dystactic fimularity on hexameric server configurations, such as that employed by WordPress. I hope you find the original description as informative and helpful as I did.



  1. Polynices says

    Thank you so much for linking that. I am embarrassed to never have heard of this amazing device before and I attended an engineering school! Who knew I had such an inadequate education? I won’t sully their name by letting you know which one.

  2. Still chuckling – ‘Foolishness’ is perfect nomenclature – and I’m laughing even harder because of the perfect beginning, and how the ridiculousness is allowed to creep up on the unwary.

    Sad to say, there are many in this world who won’t realize it is utter nonsense – and will just think they don’t understand transmissions.

    And be bored by an earnest description of such a fabulous whatever.

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