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The November issue of Sci Phi Journal is now available from major ebook retailers for the trivial price of $3.99 in Federal Doshes. Get yours today, just a click away!


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However, if you wish to throw rotten tomatoes at the author of ‘The Making of the Fellowship’, please don’t throw them at Amazon, Smashwords, or Castalia House; they will miss the target and only make a virtual mess. Throw them here instead.


  1. James R. Asher says

    I have mine! I enjoyed your essay – the point about “good” in LotR relating to service is something I’ve come across before, quite possibly from your blog (and relatedly, a friend once wrote a thesis on how goodness in LotR correlates with humility – Saruman thinks hobbits are beneath him to associate with, and tries to keep his pipeweed habit secret (I think this was in ancillary materials rather than LotR), whereas Gandalf and Aragorn cheerfully associate with hobbits even when they don’t need a reason), but not in such detail, and the analysis of virtue in the different characters was really interesting.

  2. I hope that your recent blog silence is due to a focus on writing that pays the bills rather than (my fear) another setback in health. I pray for the former.

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