Summing up

Thanks to that minor but inconvenient new malady that I mentioned earlier, I got less sleep last night, and less work done today, than I intended; but I did manage this much between about 10 p.m. last night and 10 p.m. tonight:

1 silly short story (‘A case of vengeance’), 3,239 words

1 vignette related to The Eye of the Maker (‘Droll’s audition’), 2,756 words

1 scene for the ‘Orchard’ (‘Fox and Lory’), 1,138 words

22 lines of verse (‘Out of the cage’), 185 words

The original ‘Christmas letter’ post, 2,541 words

Total for the 24 hours: 9,859 words

Plus various little odds and sods not worth counting. (I had a rough draft of about half the lines in ‘Out of the cage’ kicking around on my iPhone, so I did not, strictly speaking, write it all today; so let the pre-existing draft stand in the balance against the odds and sods, and call it even.)

I do not believe I could do that much every day, and would not wish to. But I think it is sufficiently established now that I can still write. The next thing is to write well, and to finish what I write, and to finish something that people will want to buy.

Wish me luck; I shall have sore need of it.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


  1. Wonderful, creative work! Merry Christmas and a wonderful, productive 2015 filled with God’s grace Mr. Simon.

  2. lots of luck!

    Yes, it is such a relief to write again after even a drought with the best of reasons.

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