—will now be a brief intermission—

Rather, there just has been. Cut for medical TMI:

I had to knock off at 3:05 a.m, Mountain time, to get a little rest; and having done so, I discovered that I had acquired yet another malady. My innards had been giving me the gripes for about two days, and somewhere along about the last unscheduled evacuation, summat coom out as shouldn’t. Not to put too fine a point on it, I had developed a rather painful case of the piles. I applied some obsolete ointment, which didn’t help much, and took a long hot bath, which helped a bit more (and also relaxed the muscle cramps in both my calves), and finally fell asleep about 6:30 or 7:00. And now that I have awoken again, I find that I have missed all three Christmas Masses at the only parish within walking distance: which may be just as well, for I do not think I could have borne sitting on a pew in my condition.

Back to work, now. If Scrooge had had my symptoms, he wouldn’t have needed three spirits to reform his character. Humbug!

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