Reported to the South Health Campus tonight with various symptoms. The doctor assured me that I have a textbook concussion, but fortunately, not a serious one. I am advised not to do any strenuous mental or physical work for a few days.

Posting, and the release of Superversive, will, alas, be slightly delayed.


  1. Oh dear. Get well soon. You faithful readers can wait.

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Please follow doctor’s orders – concussions are not something you want to fool around with.

  3. Yikes. Feel better. Sounds painful.

  4. I echo all of the above and pray for a speedy recovery Mr. Simon.

  5. Prayers offered.

  6. David Hallquist says

    Get well soon, an take it easy for a bit. A concussion is nothing to mess with.

  7. Stephen K says

    Thoughts and prayers with you, Mr. Simon.

  8. Carbonelle says

    May God speed your recovery.

  9. Recover fast and be more careful next time 😉

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