McStudge’s sole comment on the election

It is almost touching, how the humans cling to their most obviously stupid beliefs. For instance, large numbers of them believe that by voting for one shop-window mannequin over another, they can improve the quality of merchandise sold in the shop.

We encourage them in this belief, of course. It distracts them from the inconvenient fact that the shop itself is a monopoly and removes all competitors by force. Remember, my poppets, the most powerful force in the humans’ lives is their own gullibility. Use it often, and use it well.

     H. Smiggy McStudge


  1. Wendy Delmater Thies says

    that reminds me of this gem from Douglas Adams:

  2. So Smiggy says, but for my part, one of the best parts of this election is how widely distrust of US elections is spreading across the country. Even purveyors of popular conservatism on AM radio are pointing out how it’s a closed shop which wishes to offer nothing but false choices. If this gets much further, we might have a shot at real reform and reaction against the Progressive tide which has had a chain of more or less unbroken victories over the last century.

  3. Stephen J. says

    Of course, Mr. McStudge’s own interest in convincing us to mistake live models for mannequins because they don’t move quickly enough to suit us, in the hope that we will rouse to all the wonderfully wrathful occasions of sin involved in hanging the clerks and floor-salesmen inside from lamp-posts while still forgetting that it’s our own dependence on the products being sold that is the problem, is carefully elided. As with all the cleverest devils, his best lies are not in what he says but in what he doesn’t say.

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