New release: WHERE ANGELS DIE, Episode 1

Now live on Amazon in a country near you:

Episode 1 of Where Angels Die

Buy your copy for the trivial price of 99 cents (U.S., Canada), 99p (U.K.), or €0.99 (Eurozone), or the equivalent in your local dosh.

‘A demon is the spirit of a bad idea. The Taken are just its victims. If they kill you, you lose. If you kill them – you lose. The only way to win is to kill the idea itself. That’s where we come in.’

Enter Revel Enfield: paladin, exorcist, Knight of the Covenant of Justice.

Every enemy is hidden.

Every friend can be turned.

Even the Angels of Life can be killed.

This is his war.



  1. Matthew Salser says

    Just bought it. Looking forward to reading it, as soon as I finish with a book by Edward Feser.

    • I’m honoured to keep such distinguished company! I’m a big fan of Dr. Feser.

      • Matthew Salser says

        It was very good. Probably the most easily recommendable of your books, though I still think I like Lord Talon’s Revenge better. Definitely looking forward to more!

  2. Purchased and immediately goes to the top of the stack.

  3. Bought it immediately upon discovery at Superversive SF roundtable, devoured it immediately. Loved it. (Urp!) Slavering for more.

    • Thank you kindly! Episode 2 is in the works, but first I need to release the Superversive essay collection. Look for more of the serial in December!

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