Now hear this, that is all!

Difficult times during the holidays: periods of friction with the Beloved Other, ghastly weather, and yet another change to the monstrous regiment of pharmaceuticals, all of which left me fatigued, frazzled, and scatterbrained. In short, I got no work done; for which I cry you mercy.

I did get one or two ideas for essais, which I intend to work on as the electrochemical state of my brain permits. One of these – strange to say, but perhaps not so strange for me – came when I was leafing through ancient back numbers of ROM, a short-lived computer magazine from 1977–78. Stay tuned for an explanation of that, if you dare.


  1. Now there’s a cliff-hanger!

  2. I think you mean regimen, but regiment works if you see the pills as wave after wave of rounds and ovoids.

    It would be nice to put my brain in a vat for writing, while my body spend the day being repaired somewhere.

    • No, I mean ‘monstrous regiment’ in the sense of John Knox’s ‘monstruous regiment of women’. He meant (stupidly and falsely) that for countries to be ruled by women was wrong and unnatural; whereas I mean (ruefully and probably truly) that my medications have a tendency to rule me in ways that are, maybe not wrong as such, but thoroughly unhelpful, and definitely not in the way of nature.

      • So that’s where the title of Terry Pratchett’s novel came from. I didn’t know. A much better title than I thought, then.

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