Fan art by James Asher

A milestone, if not a headstone, in the career of Tom Simon, Small-Time Fantasy Writer:

Yesterday, via email, I received my first ever piece of fan art, with permission to share. James Asher has illustrated a scene from Lord Talon’s Revenge, reproduced (at low resolution) herewith:



Princess Jacinth has been sharing a lair with Sagrendus, the were-worm, for several chapters. He believes she is his captive; she believes she is his voluntary guest, and perhaps even partner in crime; and he is beginning to wonder whether she has not got the right of it. They have been playing chess, doubling the stakes every time Jacinth wins. At this point, Sagrendus is wondering whether there is enough gold in the Westlands to pay off his debt.

I particularly like the expressive way that the dragon is holding his left claw over his snout. It puts me in mind partly of The Thinker by Rodin, and partly of Jean-Luc Picard doing a facepalm.

Incidentally, the rows of little oblongs framing the dragon’s mouth are scaly lips, not teeth: so saith the artist.

Wendy S. Delmater, my friend, editorial consultant, and Boss-at-Large, suggests that I ought to include this picture (hi-res version) as a frontispiece in future print copies of Lord Talon. What do you all think?


  1. I think you’re lucky to inspire fan art – and this is particularly nice.

    Go for it – if it’s okay with the fan.

  2. At least as a page where they usually have the maps.

  3. luckymarty says

    I agree with Wendy, too.

  4. By all means! It’s very fitting to the book. (Which is my favorite of yours.)

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