Delay ended (I hope)

Tuesday afternoon to the optometrist for a new glasses prescription, the old one having expired. (Steven Wright has a one-liner about that.) From there to Mall-Wart, as I affectionately call it, to buy two pairs of cheap eyeglasses, so that if I am clumsy again I can still make a spectacle of myself. Brooke, the optician, is at least a minor genius, and managed to patch up the wreckage of my old glasses (which I brought along in case the optometrist wanted to take measurements off them) so that they would at least sit on my face and the lenses would not spontaneously pop out of the frames. Both these desirable qualities were lacking before.

So it is now just shy of 1 a.m., Frozen North Daylight Time, and I am just sitting down to resume work. Sound the All Clear.


  1. Good; I didn’t know how bad your eyes are, so thought of suggesting the extra pairs of cheap reading glasses (I hate wearing my glasses, so I have several pairs of the cheapies around the house to read the 3 point type on food packages’ cooking instructions – honestly, the only important information on the box!), but didn’t. You found the solution anyway – how DID you get TO the eye doctor??? I hope you didn’t drive.

    I thought this was your brief summer up there in the Frozen North.

    Back to work.

    • Oh, I drove to the eye doctor all right; that wasn’t a problem. My seeing glasses are intact. They’re perfect for distance vision, but useless for anything less than arm’s length; and for some reason, it appears to be necessary to sit within arm’s length of a laptop to operate the keyboard.

      Our brief summer is just ending; we should have the first frost soon. Already the nights are quite chilly. Just to make matters even more amusing, my faithful old leather jacket has finally given up the ghost after many years’ service, and I shall have to buy a new coat. Such is life.

  2. Andrew Parrish says

    Eagerly awaiting the new bundle of essays. Yours truly.

  3. Good!

  4. 99 Cent store for readers, and I’ll buy a sixpack of ’em. WalMart for the fancy ones, they sell bifocal sunglasses with a flat and a reader inset. Those came (IIRC) in a four-pack. Snooty bastards at Walmart..

    • That’s handy if your reading glasses are non-prescription. Mine aren’t. I have a large dose of myopia with a side order of astigmatism. With non-prescription reading glasses, I suspect I would be able to focus very clearly on the end of my own nose.

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