12 years

It was only in January, 2013, that I set up a WordPress blog to replace the creaky old static Bondwine site; but a lot of the material here goes back into the mists of antiquity. Today, for instance, marks the 12th anniversary of the oldest essai on this site: ‘Sturgeon’s Law School, or, Why do people with good taste create bad art?’ Upon rereading it with a cold and fishy eye, all these aeons later, I find that it stands up tolerably well. If you haven’t given it a look before, you might do today.


  1. That was fun, Eye of Argon and all.

    I sincerely hope that my FIRST novel to be published, Pride’s Children (soon, yeah, I know) is NOT in the same category.

    I hope I have educated my eye and can discern.

    It is scary – we were all young once.

    Luckily, I skipped the awkward adolescent writing phase by doing physics, and then illness, instead of writing (growing up some in the interval) and publishing the maiden efforts. I went back to the dream of ‘writing after I retired’ sooner than that (1995) because of the illness, and I’ve taken my time. I fervently pray that I learned something in the interim.

  2. That was a pleasant, readable, sensible essay.

    Just to note that Sturgeon’s short fiction (published and unpublished, with notes) was brought back into print by North Atlantic Press.

  3. It does indeed hold up: it contains all the pleasing elements of your current work, merely a bit rougher.

  4. My, time flies.

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