This day in scribblery: September 16

Another piece that may be of interest to at least 0.9 of my 3.6 Loyal Readers. This first appeared on LiveJournal on this day in 2006:

Genesis 3: Reality, responsibility, and The Eye of the Maker


In other news, last night I returned from a three-day excursion to the interior of British Columbia. I saw many old familiar sights, and some old forgotten ones, and a few new ones, and one desultory forest fire, and met some new people (whom I shall, in all probability, never see again); and I return somewhat refreshed. I make a note of this for my own purposes, since this blog is the closest thing I keep to a journal, and otherwise I may wish to recollect some aspect of this trip and not be able to remember when I made it.


  1. Now that you mention it, how is book two of the series going? I certainly don’t want to distract you from finishing The Style is the Rocket, but I’d love for The Eye series to continue.

    • So would I, so would I. The fact is, The Eye of the Maker is by far the most difficult piece of writing I have going, and I have not been well enough to make any progress on it since my parents died. It’s only in these last two weeks that I have been well enough to do any kind of writing regularly. I am hoping to work my way back up to it. Sorry I can’t say anything more definite.

  2. I never cease to be boggled by the tolerance of so many for self-contradiction. They don’t believe in absolutes… Except for the one that they are uttering so absolutely. They are dogmatic in their rejection of dogmatism; and when they tell you that truth is but a mask for power, it never seems to occur to them that that they are wearing the mask themselves.

    In other words, I liked the essay. 🙂

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