Welcome, and excuse the dust—

For the past seven years, my blog, The Superversive, has been hosted on LiveJournal. I’ll be continuing to maintain it there, but as of today (2 January 2013) I’ve begun the process of migrating over to WordPress on my own domain.

It will take some time to get the conversion done and work the kinks out. For the time being, I plan to post all new blog entries both here and on LJ. Eventually I may drop LJ altogether, or make that edition of the blog inactive. Meanwhile, I invite you to feel at home in either location. Have a seat and put your feet up, because it may not be safe to put them down!


  1. First! 😛

    • Tom Simon says

      You shall be enshrined in eternal something or other for this. A blessing on your head, Sarah, and I award you five Internets.

  2. Very nice, Tom. You’ll love WordPress, me thinks. I hope and pray all goes well with you in 2013. So glad to see you’re finally putting up your books. God bless!

    • houseboatonstyx says

      Or in another idiom, go for it!

      / posted from Opera /

    • Tom Simon says

      Thank you! The third book should be coming out this month, but I want to circulate it privately and get a couple of blurbs first. A happy and prosperous 2013 to you and yours!

  3. This is a comment! That I am leaving! On this website!

    Welcome to WordPress – it’s much nicer than hand-coding HTML.

    • Hi, thanks, and welcome! I wasn’t exactly hand-coding the HTML before — was doing it in an old program called RapidWeaver. But this is a hell of a lot easier to keep current and indexed. My next task, once I’ve done setting up all the old essais and things, will be to set up a WP-to-LJ cross-poster so I can synchronize posts on both blogs.

      By the way, thank you kindly for the review!

  4. the Fish says

    Viewing on an iPod Touch.

    Very handsome, esp. the fonts. Everything clear and navigable, except the header photo is cut off after the ‘w’, which I assume is not the case on desktop. Likewise the Cleese video is cut in half, but that may be less of an issue as one is to click through anyway.

    I often appreciate a view ‘desktop’ version or similar clickable link, but that may be beyond your control.


    • The header photo is a temporary placeholder. I noticed myself that it was cut off when I checked the site out this morning on my iPhone. That really can’t be helped, because that is a fixed-size element in this theme; but I can at least move and resize the text so it won’t be cut off along with the graphic. When I bodged the graphic together, I didn’t know how many pixels I had to work with before getting cut off.

      Unfortunately, there is no ‘view desktop version’ link, because the damfool thing is supposed to be what they call a ‘responsive’ theme. It serves the same code to everybody, and the code stacks up the columns and things when the window is narrower than a certain size. Unfortunately, it doesn’t resize things like the header graphic, which means that it is really only pseudo-responsive. The best I can do is yap at the developers to make those elements resizable in the next update. (Even that, alas, won’t fix videos.)

  5. Hi– leaving a comment as requested.

    And yes, this is a good-looking layout and easy to read.

  6. Hello!

    I’m a longtime lurker here to comment per request. I’ve loved almost every essay you’ve posted, and I plan to buy your book by next summer at latest. Thanks for being so interesting!

    As for the website, I like it too; the only negative question I have is: what’s with that large blank space between the two category menu bars? Is it a problem with my setup (Firefox on Linux) or is there supposed to be something there that isn’t loading?

    • That space would be where a large banner graphic is supposed to be. One odd thing about the Prose theme is that this area is a fixed size and can’t be got rid of. There is a placeholder graphic that should be loading there, but trust me, you’re not missing much.

      Thanks for delurking!

  7. Sherwood Smith says

    *looking around*

    I like your decor, but it smells like paint!

  8. Leaving a comment, as requested. Hope to read more of you soon. Love your work.

  9. Aloha! I greet the virtual dust with a virtual sneeze.

    (Nice to see the switch, as occasionally (especially the last few weeks) LJ just refuses to load for some reason.)

  10. cinda-cite says

    it’s beautiful.

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