Font trouble

Upgraded today to WordPress 3.5.1. This broke the WebINK plugin, so my custom fonts no longer display correctly. (Oddly, they do appear on the site admin pages; just not on the site itself.)

I have issued a cry for help to the folks at WebINK, and may follow up with an APB on the WordPress forums. If anybody reading this has any ideas how to fix the plugin, please do let me know.

Meanwhile, I apologize to you all for the clumsiness of the default fonts. The design is still the same; only the typefaces have been changed to protect the innocent — or, in this case, the howlingly guilty.

Update, 18:10: My WebINK fonts display correctly in the default WP theme, and (for the most part) in the default theme for the Genesis framework. Genesis substitutes its own header fonts for mine; Prose substitutes header and body fonts.

More as events develop (or not).

Update, 18:13: Italics and bold type are displaying in Arno Pro, as they ought. Plain text is displaying in Palatino, as it definitely ought not. This bug has hidden depths.

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